Sunday, August 29, 2010

Aloo Do Piaza & a Mango Shango

My oldest sister and her family came down from Michigan to stay with us this past weekend. On their last night here, we decided to go out to a local Indian restaurant called Spice Xing. I don't have much experience with Indian cuisine, but I've been there once before and really enjoyed their food. Some of their foods are a little bit spicy for me but the few things I've tried have been absolutely delicious. I love that their menu even has vegan items marked with a "v" right next to the prices. It's wonderful to know that I can order so many things without having to "special request" anything. All you other vegans out there know what I'm referring to. ;)

To start with, I ordered this fruit beverage called the Mango Shango:

It was AMAZING! I didn't get the full breakdown of everything they put in this, but I do know it had mango juice, pineapple juice and a few other fruit juices along with a swirl of raspberry coulis. It was so refreshing and the little cherry on top was a more than welcome garnish! It should be no surprise that this definitely came in handy when I received my spicy entree:

Aloo Do Piaza

The menu describes it as "cumin tempered potatoes with scallions and bermuda onions." I am a big fan of potatoes and an even bigger advocate for onions. This meal was a perfect blend of both. I would certainly order it again!

As I mentioned before, I haven't had much in way of Indian cuisine but based on my few experiences, I would certainly be open to trying other things. What are some of your favorite dishes? What would you recommend?

Alright folks! That's it for now. I must return to my stack of homework. Ugh! On a good note though: I'm currently in the process of cooling some fudge that I made this morning. Pictures and post to come so stay tuned!

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