Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Broccolini with Spicy Hurry Up Alfredo Sauce

Today I went to my first graduate school class for this 2-year education program that I'm doing. (Woo Hoo!) Today's class was an all day seminar where we discussed (at great length) the classes, requirements, schedules, projects, etc of the program and also got to meet the rest of our 17 person cohort. It was a long day for sure.

After class, I finally made it home around 4:15. Exhausted and worn out after such an intense class, I found myself with a sudden hankering for a filling and tasty snack that would be easy to whip up quickly. I grasped the handle to my fridge, looked around inside briefly and stopped when I spotted the Broccolini on the shelf that I had been meaning to cook since Saturday. I decided steaming it would be an easy cooking option and then I could just cover it with a tasty sauce. I immediately thought of the Hurry Up Alfredo Sauce recipe and ran to get my very worn out copy of Lauren Ulm's Vegan YumYum. That stuff is liquid YumYum! =) You can click here to get to the recipe for this sauce from Lauren's blog.

Broccolini with Spicy Hurry Up Alfredo Sauce

This recipe is very simple to throw together in a mini food processor and it tastes great on just about anything. Mine is a little bit more orange than Lauren's because I added a heaping scoop of red chili sauce to the mix to lend some spiciness to the dish. Steaming the broccolini required minimal additional effort so it was the perfect duo for a super speedy and healthy snack. It goes without saying that this snack really hit the spot! Alright kids, that's all I have for now. Off to do homework. Wish me luck!

What's your favorite vegan snack to whip up in a hurry?

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